The Paleo Diet – The Food of Our Ancestors.

First of all, let’s go over what the Paleo Diet is and why it may benefit you.

The Paleo Diet is also called the Stone Age diet. It is a diet researchers have found that was eaten by our Stone Age ancestors many millennium ago. Why do we feel it is important to try this diet today? Because it has been found from much research that our Stone Age ancestors seemed to be a healthy bunch of people. They lived longer lives, free of cardiovascular and weight issues. It is believed the reason for this was their diet.

What is involved with the Paleo Diet? 

The Stone Age people  were very conscious with what they chose to eat.. Their diets were very basic. The Paleo Diet is not for those who are or who wish to be vegetarians or vegans. Meat is one of the main constituents of the Paleo Diet is . This diet does not include grains and legumes. It does include most vegetables and fruits and a large variety of meats. Because the diet is so simple, is vital to have a cook book to find recipes to give the meals some variety and different flavors. Believe it or not, you can have a wide variety of meals while on this diet.

People on the Paleo Diet can lose weight, because it is primarily a lean meat diet, you have very few carbohydrates. The carbohydrates consumed are vegetables and fruit. The Paleo Diet is nutritious, because the foods on the diet are high in anti oxidants; they help to strengthen the immune system, helping the body to stay healthy.

Paleo Recipe books Review

For anyone who is serious about being on the Paleo Diet and staying on it, you will need to use a Paleo Cookbook to find good recipes. Each recipe contains ingredients that are on the Paleo Diet food list, and creates combinations for a well-balanced meal. The cookbooks includes recipes for breakfast, lunch, supper and even snacks and desserts. There are normally enough recipes included in the cookbooks to make meal planning easy and exciting.

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Recommended or not?

If you are on the Paleo Diet then it is highly recommended to obtain the cookbooks so you can have some variety to the diet. If you do not and simply steam the vegetables and grill the meat, you will eventually grow tired of the same kinds of foods. The recipes add varieties by using different spices and mixing different foods from the Paleo Diet food list. The recipes give a healthy balance to the day’s meal requirements which helps the diet be a success.

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